The Turtle is on it’s way.

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This morning the Turtle was picked up in Rotterdam to travel back to Ghana. With the support of Francois de Koff from Trafic we managed to belay the car into a fruit container of Compagnie de Fruitiere. We will follow the Turtle in April to bring her home!

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The Turtle is now officially a work of Art!

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The shipment of the Turtle from the Netherlands to Ghana is a complex puzzle; the Turtle is not a car in a legal sense or practical sense. The vehicle is not approved by the Ghanaian government, nor the Dutch government, to be driven on the road. So how to define a car to the customs, which is not a car and built from scrap car parts from all over the world?

To return the Turtle back home we got the help of the Burger Group and the Supermaritime group. Through the expertise of both companies this task can be accomplished, something we could never have achieved alone. The Turtle is now officially an artwork traveling to Ghana for exhibition purposes. The Compagnie Fruitiere group is sponsoring the boat fare from Antwerp to Tema.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-07 om 13.22.09 Royal Burger Group logoaelsupermaritime


The Turtle goes back to the motherland

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After two years traveling through Europe, The Turtle goes back to Ghana. The Turtle comes at the right time, because SMIDO has assured to Set up a new land for the car industry.

Due to the financial support of our sponsor Xelvin BV it has become possible that The Turtle is shipped back to Ghana, this coming April. The Turtle will drive from the harbor Tema to Suame Magazine in Kumasi and wil be exhibited to the Ghanaian public for two weeks.


This picture shows the inauguration of the new land in the presence of SMIDO, civil servants and the Chief. This is great news and we hope that The Turtle project can help to stimulate new initiatives developed by SMIDO.

Turtle travels to France

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The Turtle is exhibited at the Acces festival in Pau, France. This weekend the Acces conference takes place. The theme is disnovation. Melle Smets will be speaking about the Turtle project on saturday 15 november. See lecture about the Turtle 1 by Melle Smets5372_898_Access_2014_2-Soazig-de-la-Moissoniere x7ui0